Ordering culture samples from outside Australia

Customers outside Australia are responsible for providing to us any necessary import permit numbers or label required for your samples. Since most governments place restrictions on import of cultures from overseas, we recommend checking with the relevant authorities before attempting to import biological material. In most countries, this will be the Plant Protection service or similar body.

You bear all responsibility for obtaining the correct permit for importing cultures; CSIRO accepts no liability for an incorrect permit which results in a Material not being able to be imported and any other consequences associated with the incorrect permit.

Delivery of culture samples

We generally supply actively growing cultures on agar slants unless customers request a freeze-dried lyophilised vial. We recommend agar slants unless you have a specific need for a lyophilised culture.

Agar slants usually require at least 1-2 weeks to grow satisfactorily and will be checked for purity and viability before being dispatched. When you receive your culture, you should slightly loosen culture bottle caps to allow oxygen into the culture. Cultures on agar have a limited shelf life and should be subcultured after periods of 4 weeks to 6 months.

Freeze-dried lyophilised vials can be sent within 1-2 days, however they can't be checked for purity or viability prior to sending.

Refrigerated storage (near 4°C) is recommended for most cultures, whether agar slant or lyophilised vials.

Price list

Supply of cultures, standard price A$195.00
Supply of cultures, special price for universities and educational institutions A$95.00
Postage and packaging within Australia A$20.00
Postage and packaging via overseas airmail A$50.00

All prices are subject to 10% GST (Australian purchasers only) and are subject to change without notification.